Árpád Imre Támas
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Clan Gangrel
Age  ?
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

In-game knowledge Edit

  • n/a

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • This Ancilla has not shown his face for quite some time now. It is rumored he is a dog person, maybe he decided to devote more of his time to dogs, and not the Camarilla Kindred. Could the reason for that be the recent events within his clan?
  • He seems quite chummy with Camarilla Zagreb Scourge! They seem to go long way back.
  • Has some strong feelings towards Tremere. Wasn't the least bit shy about showing them!
  • Seems that his presence made an interesting impact with his Clan mates. Especially when his showing up coincides with "Call of Seasons" and empty Primogens chair!

Old newsEdit

  • n/a