Aleksei Romanov
Vital statistics
Position Seneschal
Clan Ventrue
Age 30
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height 184
Weight 84

 In-game knowledgeEdit

  • Arrived in Zagreb shortly after Maria Mlinarić and supported her claim for Praxis
  • Orchestrated his rise to power - became a Seneschal
  • During an internal Ventrue struggle for power, appointed Nataša Vronski as a Primogen, starting a quiet Ventrue War
  • Friend of Zdeslav Pavlov and Zagymir
  • Ended on losing side of Ventrue War and became the victim of Van Patten's coup where he lost the spot of Seneschal and had to flee the city
  • Pivotal role in the coup was done by his only childe Ognjen Hartman
  • Hunted down and killed by Scourge Namtaru, somewhere in Europe