Vital statistics
Position None
Clan Gangrel
Age 3 months
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 193
Weight 96

In Game Knowledge Edit

  • Tricked into becoming a ghoul
  • First served to a Brujah Master, then to the Gangrel one
  • Frustrated because he keeps being denied the chance to fight the Sabbat
  • Convinced there are Sabbat infiltrators in the Camarilla
  • Died in the service of Camarilla
  • Forcefully embraced into the Gangrel clan against his choice
  • Called 'Thinblooded mutt' by Seneschal upon Embrace
  • Recently released
  • Grows increasingly frustrated by unwillingness of others to act.
  • Rumored to spend a lot of time at the ZOO lately
  • Rumored to spend a lot of time in the field and not being a frequent guest at social gatherings
  • Rumors say that he's about to leave the country for some time, allegedly on Camarilla business.

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Highly praised by Prince Darius
  • Loved by Camarilla Agram