Vital statistics
Position n/a
Clan Nosferatu
Age  ??
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height  ?198
Weight 100

In-game knowlege Edit

  • A recent arrival to the clan, he was quickly promoted to the Warrenmaster
  • Seems to be infatuated by the Toreador primogen, Patricija V.E. Mayer , who he calls Cvjetić. It is rumored that Oswald Montgomery will direct a play inspired by this love story
  • Always lurking around, hunched and drooling, other kindred mostly avoid him. If he is aware of that he shows no sign of it, quite the opposite even, he seems to be overly friendly with others
  • Had a small falling out with some members of the Brujah clan, but it was settled when Jelly Nosferatu primogen, started giving away Vulgar statuses
  • Has a knack for electronics and is a dedicated gamer
  • Has been seen coming to Elysiums on a motorcycle
  • Rumored to be a devoted Christian
  • Rumored to have a thing for the underdogs

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh Hearsay Edit

  • Look who finally decided to resurface, more bossy and brusque than ever! I noticed before how clan Nosferatu only jumps to action when there's someone singled out to beat, belittle and bully, but now it became far worse than before... hm... I wonder if Noob was the chew toy on which they vented out all of their frustration... and now that he's gone, they're obviously desperate to find another outlet, someone they can beat senseless instead!
  • He became Sheriffs hound. Again, second in command. Whip. Keepers helper. And now Sheriffs helper. I wonder if his satisfied with those positions. Sometimes it is beneficial to play a second fiddle, but sometimes you want to go into the spotlight.

Old News Edit

  • His wingman skills are legendary! Just ask Proctor !
  • The laurels this kindred recently received couldn't fall on someone more deserving than him. And those aren't the only blessings he's about to receive! Mazel Tov!
  • His Childe has got this usually bright example of propriety and decorum in a bit of hot water. Nobody has any doubts that our beloved Cyb3r will adequately reprimand his prodigal son for besmirching his stellar reputation!
  • Cyber was always a crafty a booger with a lighter... Wonder if he wandered through Ivanić Grad recently.
  • There is a lie spreading between kindred that this stellar example of Loyal, Honorable and Favorited kindred didn't succeed in catching a little blogger nuisance... And that our beloved prince had to hire outside help for it
  • It seems he has a chip on his shoulder whenever ex-anarchs are mentioned and their acceptance into Camarilla? Are reasons for that something in his past, or he is trying to impress his Primogen even more?