This page is reserved for characters who are in their regard PC characters, but are not denizens of the Zagreb domain. Most of them are portrayed by regular players, and some of them make guest appearances as NPC characters.. 

Dignitaries of Higher Echelons of CamarillaEdit

Kindred who have been to Camarilla Zagreb and championed its cause, now serving as dignitaries to the highest Camarilla authorities.

Camarilla Fiume, Vassal of the EmpireEdit

A neighbouring city and an ally of Zagreb, Camarilla Fiume is a pledged Vassal of Darius' Imperium.

Camarilla AspalatumEdit

The domain od Split under rule of Sforza and Nero lasted barely a year. Seneschal Nero got killed by forces unknown and Sforza, most likely blamed for his death, got escorted out of Croatia. Sforza was replaced by Gabriel.

Adversaries of Camarilla ZagrebEdit

An exiled baron of the Anarchs of Ivanić, who fled to Belgrade, plotting his revenge.

A mysterious, yet menacing squadron of mortal hunters, sworn to eradicate everything non-human. They have been eyeing Zagreb for a while now, and have recently started to cause serious problems.