Erik Von Krautendorf
Vital statistics
Position  ?
Clan Caitiff
Age  ?
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Empty for now

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsay:Edit

  • Got caught using disciplines during the Elysium, and got off just a tad to easy. Again! Who is he protected by? And how long will that protection last if he continues to act this way?

Old news:Edit

  • This weird kindred continuously spins even weirder stories! Gretels castle is actually an Inquisitors castle. Dear guests from Hungary are muscling in on our domains and trying to recreate Hungarian empire. There are Egyptian necromancers in Zagreb. Baščanska ploča is an old kindred icon. Some of those stories are funny, but if he doesn't learn to hold his tongue and choose his words more carefully...
  • His blood may be much older, than his status leads us to believe, but an Elder Caitiff? That is a weird and dangerous proposition!