Gabrijel Berislavić
Vital statistics
Position ex-Harpy
Clan Ventrue
Age 4
Status neonate
Physical attributes
Height 185
Weight 85

In-game knowlege Edit

  • Harpy of Camarilla Agram
  • Very formal even for a Ventrue
  • Capable geneticist
  • Been present and active in Camarilla Agram since its increased activity in October 2013
  • Insists on rule of Prior Consent when negotiating a boon
  • Became Harpy early in his career
  • If you want to cheer him up report a boon, talk about business opportunities or new breakthroughs in analytical chemistry or gene isolation methods (not bulletproof but you could at least try)

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Liquidated his boons and left the city in good graces