Ion Ilie Gvozdić
Vital statistics
Position Oradea League member
Clan Old Clan Tzimisce (Dracul)
Age 401 (8th Generation - Pretender Elder)
Status Independent
Physical attributes
Height 176 cm
Weight 74 kg

In-game knowledgeEdit

  • Born close to Carașova (Karaševo), Romania in 1575. He belongs to Croatian ethnic minority which lives in that area since 13th Century.
  • Embraced in 1614 by voivode Georghe Lupulescu. Became member of Oradea League. Has one childe, his wife Nadia Elena Răducioiu.
  • In March 2015 he helped Anarchs of Ivanić Grad and Camarilla Agram in fight against Sabbat of Samobor. After that he and his wife returned to Romania.
  • In early summer 2015 he and his wife came back to Croatia in order to reclaim the property/domain that once upon a time belonged to Oradea League. They have succeeded and they have settled on that property that lies some 60 km towards south-west from Zagreb.
  • Due to security issues, the only person in Camarilla Agram who knows the exact location of that property is a current Prince Darius .

The Harpy RumorsEdit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • Have you heard that one when an old Tzimisce, independent Brujah and Camarilla Brujah played a quiz hosted by Tremere?
  • I have heard a story from an old kindred that the Tzimisce discipline of Vicissitude is in reality not a discipline! It is a specific manifestation of measles that only happens within tthe clan Tzimisce, and he explained to me that the reason why they hide them selves in the castles is for their fear that their disease spreads. I thought him to be mad at that time, but considering the newspapers...
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