Vital statistics
Position n/a
Clan Nosferatu
Age N/A
Status neonate
Physical attributes
Height 155cm
Weight 35kg

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Not much in known about this kindred, although she has spent quite a while in this town and has left her mark. Only a few kindred outside her clan can claim to know anything about her.
  • Those who have been around long enough might have noticed some drastic changes in her behavior overtime since the visit from the Hungarian Camarilla at the Castle Elysium.

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh Hearsay:Edit

  • It seems that Žac wasn't only one burned in a close encounter with Hunters. We all hope she recovers quickly!
  • Open letter exchange with the Master Harpy are still very quietly talked about.

Old News:Edit

  • A rising star in Camarilla politics - has been here for a rather short ammount of time but garnered a startling ammount of support and positions. Capable and keeps her cards close, but I wonder what is her "Ace in the Hole"?
  • Very close to her brother Peter. He has not been seen in Camarilla Agram for quite some time, could be the new World of Warcraft expansion. To the question where her brother is lurking, Primogen Christine replies: "We, in the clan Nosferatu, are sorely lacking capable members, these local nosferatu are of low-breeding quality, I need not to mention that. Peter is on a field trip to gather more support from our neighbours. I hope he returns with full hands, of nosferatu, capable even!" -> One can only hope he really does. If he really does we will need more perfume dispensers in the Elysium.
  • Took the position of Nosferatu Primogen without much fanfare, a change many of the local kindred craved and embraced with warm hearts and greedy hands
  • Rather skilled at information gathering and trading, some say that soon there will be no secrets for her to discover. One might wander what will she do then? Pile them up? I for one, would like to see that pile, hell even pay for it.
  • It seems this Primogen seems so jealous when other kindred from her clan get praised for their good deeds, she even starts to insult Harpy in her jealous rage.
  • During the ball prince decided to use her old name in front of foreign dignitaries. One must wonder what message he tried to send and to whom?
  • For the first time Primogen Jelly decided to visit Elysium hiding her visage! She even wore a sheet over her head! Is she ashamed of her appearance, or is it really mourning for the final death of her brother?