Mande Mandare
Vital statistics
Position Master Harpy
Clan Ravnos
Age N/A
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height 177
Weight 85

In Game Knowledge Edit

  • Born in Zagreb of Gypsy origin
  • Spent 5 years in Zagreb before presenting himself to the Prince
  • Says that he came to protect his "younger brothers"
  • Always ready to teach or show you something for a nothing but a small fee
  • Loves to barter
  • For Toreadors seems betting with a Gypsy is "a la mode"
  • Shared some of his "magic" with Seneschal Cyrus of Tremere, ended up with a 25 pounds of gold
  • If you hear him say: "Kad se kunem u majku možda i lažem, al kad se kunem u oca... Ne lažem, majke mi!", just make a deal he suggested and run away while you still have your trousers on.
  • From dirty gypsy to confirmed member of Camarilla in less than a month... That was fast! Maybe a bit too fast! And now a Harpy?!
  • Heard that he made some Primadonna apologize to him, and even shake his hand with spit on it!
  • He won in a game of chess against Nosferatu Seneschal of Budapest. Some say that he pulled a fast one on him! And some say even a bet of a single question to be answered was made!
  • Lately he's been acting a bit strange. Taking some risks. Showed some weaknesses during the Elysium. Even the Prince reprimanded him in public. Maybe the situation is getting too hot for him... Gypsies are runners after all!
  • He wasn't that strict before. I remember when you could just talk with him, joke, and now... Shush, he's coming!
  • Kindred noticed that he has starting spending more and more time in talks with Prince and Seneschal, and less and less with Neonates

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsay:Edit

  • During last Elysium he dissapered with Prince for quite a while. And when they returned Harpy had a big smile on his face and announced blood hunt. One must wonder what they talked about... Hm, perhaps a boon or two might loosen his lips.
  • He is really proud of his game of bouquets. Pushed Seneschal Wilhelm and Elder Dee into it (that was a snooze fest, too subtle, not enough bite). And then Primogen of Gangrel vs. Triumphant of Gangrel. And even insulting them saying they aren't capable of abiding by full rules so making it more simpler so even they could understand it (but hey, at least that one was fun).

Old news:Edit

  • I've heard he made some mistakes during the Croatian conclave... And wasn't even aware that Prince of Pecs is arriving to it... But still, publicly engaging Arkady, Prince Dariuses Sire was extremely brave, stupid, ill advised move I have ever seen! I wonder if it's going to be worth it to him!
  • Forced Justicars to recognize Harpies as sole Keepers of Boons, publicly on Conclave! And even proclaimed punishment over Eternal something, or other Ventrue! He is getting a little big for his breeches!
  • This is weird, just a day before Elysium he announces a new Lesser Harpy. And to make things weirder, he doesn't even show on Elysium! I can't remember if he ever missed one before!
  • Some think that I arranged and pushed our new Keeper Klose to her new position. Which is just a terrible gossip! She did it all by herself!
  • Ok, these kind of whispers I don't approve of! Me, accepting bribes for the position of the Lesser Harpy? I would never! But, hey! I think i have an idea how to find the next Lesser Harpy!
  • I heard the funniest thing about myself! That I never truly thought about Kiki as a Lesser Harpy. That I only allowed her to participate in the Symbel so I could maximize my collection of information. Isn't it ridiculous? Like there was anything new they could inform me about!
  • In his brief stay in Camarilla Agram, he managed to receive a staggering amount of boons, friendships and even patrons. A professional con-artist no doubt. The only thing that actually worries me is that he still hasn't run out of business, either there are a lot of fools around Zagreb, or he's THAT GOOD. In any case, this thought gives me a rather uneasy sleep during the day.
  • Was it only trivial and minor boons that got him the Harpy status? Some kindred question this decision; Gypsy con artist given such an authority...even more so, one from the non Camarilla clan? What can we expect next?
  • Esteemed and quite Capable Harpy Vandred Van Patten mysteriously disappears and the next thing we know - this con artist/trickster gets into this high profile 'game' quite rapidly... And one of the lower status that it just a coincidence or something more? His clan are not called Deceivers for nothing.
  • What? He owed a major boon to Patricija V.E. Mayer and now she goes away for "personal reasons"! He owes Giovanni two trivial boons and now they are under suspicion for funky business with boons and abuse of authority! Just because "Patricija" wrote a letter when she "left" the city.
  • There are whispers about dr. Crane getting his last negativ status because he refused too give harpy a boon. Are predictions about raised level of corruption with high positioned non Camarilla clan members coming true?
  • He has great speeches about speaking Croatian in Camarilla but he himself can't speak good enough. Hypocrisy much?

View From Within: Edit

Isn't it just so funny? Vampires, kindreds... No different than any other Gorgios!

If they are old, they still hold on to ancient traditions and they are just so full of knowledge! They were here when whoever did whatever! And me? Just a young silly gypsy... Impressed by it! In awe! They are all so smart that i couldn't even dare to think about scamming them!

Even better if they are in Camarilla! They are so pompous! There are rules we all have to obey! And they are always right! And they never change! Like that is going to protect them... They know what they have to say! And how to say it! They said it so many times I actually believe they have started to believe it! But I know those are empty words! And i will spin my tells for them and the words will flow like a water, ready to be gulped down by an "all knowing" elder.

And the young ones... So drunk with power! For they are Vampires now! And they are so fast! And so strong! They can do everything, those arrogant little pricks. So full of them selves. They don't even know what they have and yet they are all ready to squander it because they will live forever!

And don't you get me started on Anarchs! Freedom they yell! And yet they are thralls to almost every one! They play the same games as Camarilla but they allow themselves a swear word here and there. And they are convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that that is a true freedom!

And me all flashy with my silver tongue. Playing the part of a friendly Gypsy! Not a care in the world, not a malicious thought in sight! A trivial here, a minor there... I am not taking away from them, they are queuing in lines and giving their boons to me. Because they are powerful. And because they are wise. And because they are strong. And because they are fast. And because they will live forever. And because they lived forever. I mean, what could i do with those boons? Buy a few pounds of cooper at best?

Stupid Gorgios...