Marinko Mačković
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Clan Toreador
Age  ?
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Seemed very appalled by behavior some kindred displayed while in Elysium.
  • Does not shy away from a discussion
  • There seems to be something ...odd about the way he sees the world around him
  • Tends to frequent mortal gatherings of any kind, be they concerts, exhibitions or simple meetings in the open.
  • Very defensive when confronted about his Sabbat origins, tends to turn the argument against the attacker
  • Attended last Elysium dressed as the Beast
  • Asked several kindred questions about "fogging someone else's senses and emotions"

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • Childe of Sabbat Sire, let's just hope he isn't like him!

Old newsEdit

  • n/a

View from within Edit

I can hear it, here it comes again..

The ever present music, so seductive. Once again I hear the tale, drawing me in. Compelling me to tell its tale. The canvas calls out. Blank space must be filled. I hear the music. I see the musical notes, they're flying off the paint brush, floating towards the canvas. They do not need my guidance, I am just the instrument. Everything is blurry, nothing exists except the music and the canvas.

The music continues to play

I can see it through the blur, the painting is coming to life. But the music keeps on playing, slowly changing itself, yet it continues telling the story.

The music has changed

The blur has lifted, all I hear is silence.

Before me, a painting. A man sitting tied to a chair, while a short haired man with a silver cross holds him at gunpoint. I cannot see the details of his face though. Maybe it will come to me in time. The silver cross seems like it's glowing. I need to clear my head. Maybe check out the night life in this town.