Vital statistics
Position the Sheriff
Clan Lasombra Antitribu
Age 1 year (1000 years as a ghoul)
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 185
Weight 85

In Game Knowledge Edit

  • Childe of Darius , extremely loyal to his Sire for more than a millenium
  • Professional and highly disciplined
  • Efficient and duty oriented, not interested in trivialities
  • Glorification of the ideals of a professional military class
  • Believes in extreme self control and pushing the personal limits
  • Believes that True Death is preferrable to failure and weakness
  • Not very tolerant towards what he calls "less disciplined clans"

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Appointed as Sheriff by Primogen council
  • Takes his task very seriously and acts decisively and with precision
  • Not prone to unplanned action and believes in extensive "information gathering" before committing to an assault, learning from his predecessors
  • In good graces with the local Camarilla, rumour has it that there is no better suited kindred for this position
  • He is tasked to mediate a growing number of conflicts in Camarilla Agram, a task he performs admirably but with a raised brow. One does wonder, are we really so petty, or is it just too many kindred in Zagreb?
  • If you have to pick up one great thing our beloved Prince did great during his reign, it is election of the Sheriff. There is no better and more capable kindred, who could take this role with more dignity and power of a born general. His always active mind, that every day comes with new ideas how to keep us safer, came up with great one once again. How did no one before come to the idea to isolate troublemakers until they cool down? Well done, Sheriff!
  • How mighty have fallen! Once beloved Sheriff suspended and declared vulgar over a blood bond! Giving lip to the Seneschal. I almost thought I was a Malkav having hallucinations! But one must wonder who is he bonded to! And is the bond mutual or was he played as a fiddle?