Miljenko "Kifla" Kiflić
Vital statistics
Position N/A
Clan Brujah
Age 88
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 182
Weight 83

In-game knowledge Edit

  • A Berliner kindred, who arrived in Germany somewhere between 1970s and 1980s
  • Although young, he is FILLED with stories and tales of his adventures
  • Anarch revolutionist, fighting against any kind of authority, even when it comes to Anarchs themselves
  • He and Ivanić-Grad's baron, Žac, apparently knew each other for a long time
  • The rumour has that Berlin is a terrible place for a vampire now, which is why he is staying in Croatia at the moment
  • There is a story he keeps on telling about one of his assaults on a Sabbat lair. The story goes something like this: While his Anarch comrades were discussing the plan of attack, Kifla marched into an abandoned building where the supposed lair was, killing dozens, even scores of Sabbat single-handedly. Žac, on the other hand, likes to give a "proper" recount of the story, saying that the rest of Berlin Anarchs had to save Kifla's ass as soon as he rushed in. Kifla, of course, claims that Žac is full of bullshit.
  • Overconfident and rash, but a friendly type of kindred.
  • Baron Žac exiled Kifla from his domain (reasons known to Anarchs and Kifla), which ended it Kifla leaving the Anarchs and joining Camarilla.

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Now that is a car that nobody will notice. Oversized wheels and rims. And that colour! What an eyesore! You must really have to compensate for something to be driving that thing!
  • Yeah, right! He and Žac really had a fight! But then again he is taking Celeste, a Camarilla Harpy to a ball! Did she really turned his head so much that he followed her to Camarilla?
  • ˝Ako je Kifla nekoć bio Anarh, više nije!˝- Žac
  • If it's true that he is marked by Baron,I sincerely hope that no Camarilla kindred, especially his patron in Brujah, will not bear the brunt of it!