Gangrel Namtaru
Vital statistics
Position Scourge
Clan Gangrel
Age 1000+
Status Elder
Physical attributes
Height 185
Weight 85

In-game knowlege Edit

  • Over a thousand years old – most likely member of Geats tribes
  • Sire unknown – likely deceased (permanently)
  • Does not consider vampirism a curse
  • Does not hold Christians/Christianity in high regard – it arrived long after his time
  • Fought in countless battles - Goths, Huns, Avars, Vikings, Slavs, The Golden Horde
  • Deep seated hatred for Ravnos, Tzimitze and Sabbat – justified (is all you get if you ask him about it)
  • Had good relations with Garou tribes in the past – has some knowledge of their society
  • Wary of the Tremere due to history but in good relations nowdays
  • Supported Anarchs at the time of the First Anarch Revolt
  • Was present at the Convention of Thorns with a female companion at the urge of Milov Petrenkov – supported Camarilla
  • Holds Morrow the Sage and Karsh in high regard
  • Protective of tribal societies and way of life
  • Snorts at the mention of politics, outright despises political games
  • Stays away from anything newer than steam engine, technology-wise
  • Does not take Cainite legends lightly
  • Has a childe – current residence unknown
  • Lives for the hunt
  • Respects Xaviar but does not have a good opinion of him
  • Spent the last 2 centuries asleep mostly
  • Avoids Scandinavia like sunlight – doesn't even like it mentioned (Old superstitions? Bad memories?)
  • Somewhat angry at Felga due to the fiasco at Jarun

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Prone to violent outbursts in Elysium - Has been corrected and his violence is focused on Sabbat
  • Quite horrifying in the eyes of the local kindred, a primal hunter of old without peer
  • First on the battle lines and the last one to leave. After he slaughters all his opposition he usually retreates to a state of longing, one can only wonder is there any limit of violence that will satisfy this elder? Hope we don't find out and Sabbat does.
  • No one wants to be on his bad side - that reminds me - I hope he likes Christmas presents.
  • He is back! His exile cut short! Some say it wasn't an exile but a mission! And that there is a couple of kindred less in this world!