Nastya Korade
Vital statistics
Clan Ventrue
Age 5 months
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 178
Weight 62

In-game knowledge Edit

  • real and full name: Anastasia Dimitrova Galickij
  • born in Lviv (Ukraine) in the royal family Galickij which belongs to the Rurik dynasty
  • came to Zagreb at the age of 15 and got married to Sebastian Korade, who passed away and left her a whole business chain, which she already ran, during his last two years of sickness
  • became a part of Camarilla in October 2014 and, because of her ability, Ventrue Primogen in a short time
  • hard-working, social, dignified
  • not highly educated but extremely intelligent and worldly-wise
  • also honest and loyal to persons she considers friends, but those who dare damage her will bear the consequences and those who had the “friend” status before that, will suffer doubly. Her tenet is: “give everyone what they deserve”

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • Rumoured to have been dealing in some shady business with boons. Although things were covered up with and can not be brought up again by the damaged parties, and a legal loophole closed, the matter has left an ashen taste in some kindred mouths. 
  • Has known to be spending a lot of time with Josip Balog , the gangrel primogen. They are known to be very close, and she has been seen coming and going off his estate more than a couple of times. A business trip or a shady affair? One surely does wonder.
  • If one would chose a sin to define this primogen it would most certainly be - Pride. A characteristic so common in her clan it is stereotypical. But make no mistake, for this kindred a revenge is a dish best served cold. Icy cold.
  • Looking at her boon lists one does wonder, what kind of debt has she made with Pietro Giovanni ? A blood boon is a thing of great value that can be used for a really wide plethora of things, even against her closes friends. One should be careful not to anger her creditor or this kindred could be summoned to do the dirty work. 
  • Beautiful Primogen should be role model for all other Primogen. She does her work really well which we can see from results of her work. Also, she treats other kindred with utmost respect and grace. We almost forgot about Ventrue's dignity until this young kindred showed us whole spectre of qualities of this noble clan.
  • Her hands off approach to educating her Childe of Camarilla Etiquette certainly raised a couple of eyebrowse!
  • Some kindreds in high places have whispered to me that she was employed by one Tremere primogen in a very profitable business. Something about the Skyscrapers. Because certainly Tremere are not that versed in those more profane dealings. And they would never used something like that as a leverage to gain a support of someone as honored and dignity bound as our beautiful Nastya against anyone! Especially against someone from the same clan!