Nikolaj Zagymir Ivanović
Nosferatu Zagy
Vital statistics
Position Primogen
Clan Nosferatu
Age 15
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 180
Weight 80

 In-game knowledgeEdit

  • First known Nosferatu Primogen of Zagreb after the war
  • Loud and outspoken, became known as a Kindred who can't keep a secret or keep his mouth shut
  • Given the nickname of 'Megafon' by Roy Proctor
  • Fought infernalists in villages around Zagreb
  • Sole perpetrator of the infamous Jarun incident where Camarilla forces walked into Sabbat trap. Later it will become known that Primogen Zagymir and his clanmates "forgot" to scout the area beforehand.
  • Staked and burried by a strike team sent by Darius