The Lore standardization we use in our Zagreb by Night chronicle is now officially complete.

It has been decided that the official lore is the one used in the Vampire the Masquerade Revised book because certain things found in ByNight book, in most cases, do not make any sense. In case of conflict between ByNights lore and our lore, ours always has the priority.

Important events:

1. Antediluvians are still boogiemen of the vampire world. Camarilla does not acknowledge their existence, it is considered a heresy, in the same manner as Gehenna. No idle talk regarding our "loving fathers" is allowed. 

2. Gangrel clan left the Camarilla because their Justicar Xavier saw something. Eventually, they returned back to the Camarilla. They do not have a Justicar anymore. Atilla the Hun is the newly appointed Gangrel Justicar.

3. Assamite Schism - It happened. There  are Assamites in Camarilla. 

4. Giovanni - protected by the Promise of 1528. There is no Independent alliance between them and the Setites:

5. Ravnos - The Week of Nightmares happened. Ravana is dead although ithas never been officially confirmed. The rumour has it that the reasons for this are unknown. A small number of Ravnos remain today. 

6. Red star appeared briefly and disappeared. No one knows what it was. Irrelevant event. Gehenna is where it is - it's going to happen - tomorrow, in a couple of days , one day. 

7. Justicars in 2017:

Brujah - Jaroslav Pascek

Gangrel - Atilla the Hun

Malkavian - Carolina Bedelia (Aunt Bedelia, retook the position after Maris Streck who was executed for her involvement with slave traders and diablerists in C. Brujah trilogy)

Nosferatu - Cock Robin

Toreador - Audrie Guil

Tremere - Lotharius (EU character, Vienna players)

Ventrue - Lucinde

8. Sabbat - lost New York City to Camarilla in the Siege of NY storyline

9. Nosferatu named Baba Yaga assassinated in Russia. Shadow Curtain lifted. It is possible to travel to and fro Russia.