Oswald Montgomery
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Clan Brujah
Age 523
Status Elder
Physical attributes
Height 193
Weight 105

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Hails from Reading, England
  • Embraced a year before the signing of the Convention of Thorns
  • A warrior, an artist, and a scholar, like the Brujah of old
  • Was present and active in several wars, including the Second English Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars, the First and Second World War
  • Curiously, praised in the upper echelons of the Camarilla as an excellent mediator, earning the unofficial title 'The Reconciler' in the process
  • Successfully defused the chaos in Greece, providing the Anarchs their autonomy and the Camarilla the peace and stability to continue with regular activities
  • Quite fond of the Nosferatu, largely attributed to the fact that his mistress is a one herself
  • Not much love for the French, especially French Toreadors

The Harpy Rumors Edit