Ranko Petrač
Vital statistics
Position Scourge
Clan Brujah
Age around 100-200 ( not specified )
Status neonate
Physical attributes
Height 185
Weight 120

In-game knowledge Edit

  • In Zagreb for around 40 years.
  • Supposedly controls most of Balkans underground.
  • Some think he has Sicilian connections while others say Ukrainian, but it is sure that he makes significant business and has massive income.
  • Hardly fits into the Brujah stereotype but there is no doubt that if it's not about business, he is very outgoing.
  • Strangely cold and rational, almost alien in nature.
  • Rumored to be in some connection with Hrvoje Petrač.

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsay:Edit

  • I've heard he made quite an impression on the city of Zagreb some time ago. It was a quite a dangling performance!
  • Quite impressive rhetorical skills, he can hold his own both in social and battle arena

Old news:Edit

  • A proprietor of goods and services, has been a long standing crime boss of the Agram underworld. One would make a grave mistake making him an enemy. Likely the last one.
  • A brujah of immense physical strenght and stamina, some kindred have seen him drink some kind of kindred-murdering toxin and laugh as if he just drank a glass of water.
  • Held the position of Scourge for quite some time, one can only wonder why he stepped down. A position in accordance with his cold and lethal nature.
  • "Camarilla je puna idiota" - some strong words when Prince is not around!
  • Some kindred are still dazed and confused by his quick adoption of an ex-Anarch! He is not known for partaking in lost causes without making some profit out of it, so one must ask himself, what is a value of a turncoat?