Richard Burbage
Vital statistics
Position Primogen
Clan Toreador
Age 416
Status Ancilla
Physical attributes
Height 186
Weight 82

In-game knowledge Edit

  • Born in 16th century London.
  • A Shakespearean actor and coowner of the Globe.
  • During his life he was a thespian of some renown that played all the greats such as Hamlet, Othello, Richard III, King Lear, Hieronimo and Volpone. More than that, he was the original.
  • Thanks to his performance as Hamlet, he earned the priviledge of the Embrace on New Year's Eve 1600.
  • Sired by Lady Emma of Kent.
  • Became a student of Architecture after the Great fire of London in 1666, and was one of the architects who rebuilt the City.
  • Constantly works to keep Shakespeares memory and work alive.

Harpy's Rumours Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • After tragic demise of their Primogen, he promptly asserted himself as new face of Toreador, but I wonder is he after Primogen spot again?
  • I told you he should watch his back from the neonates! Was the shift of power between the new and the old Primogen truly consensual as it seems, or was it once more an outside influence plotting against the ancilla that made him step down from the position of Primogen?
  • The ancilla seems to be quite convinced he has the title of Primogen already in his pocket, but it's not wise to celebrate while the rabbit is still in the bush! An outside influence has allegedly taken an interest to shift the clan's opinion in favor of 'fresh faces' - I'd watch my back from the neonates if I was him!
  • Sheriff has already proclaimed that he is a winner of the Symbel. Although he still has a competition in Kiki! And the one and only judge of the winner and loosers is Elder Amal.
  • I heard that he palled around with Shakespeare, and was shocked that he was Brujah! I know, can't believe it too!

Old newsEdit

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