Silvio Imbrišak
Vital statistics
Position Primogen
Clan Toreador
Age  ???
Status  ???
Physical attributes
Height 180
Weight 70

 In-game knowledgeEdit

  • born in a wealthyfamily in Varaždin
  • receives top-class education as the only child
  • leaves to England to study Medicine
  • embraced somewhere in England in the 18th century
  • allegedly travelled the whole globe more than once
  • cosmopolite and metropolite, having influences from all over the world
  • Embraced Patricija V.E. Majer somewhere in the 19th century
  • apparently involved in some Nazi propaganda during WW II
  • spends a lot of time in one place, the US, observing the new art of aesthetic surgery and aiding in its development
  • returns back to Europe in the 1980s
  • Moves to Zagreb after hearing about Camarilla reforming there
  • Rises up in ranks rather fast, from Whip to Primogen in less than two months
  • Secret about his bloodline becomes discovered by high-ranking echelons of Camarilla Agram
  • The secret remained safe, although Imbrišak dies after attempting to fight an Assamite who has been chasing his childe