Virgil Vance
Virgil Vance
Vital statistics
Clan Toreador
Age xx
Status xx
Physical attributes
Height xxx
Weight xx

In Game Knowledge Edit

  • N/A

The Harpy Rumors Edit

  • New in town, an English speaker
  • Huging Nosferatu in public? Pretty daring move for one Toreador. Is this a new chapter of Beauty and the Beast love story on the horizon?
  • He is to be a Toreador Primogen? Someone who insults other kinded and ones on higher position than him. Someone who has negative status and didn't even bother to learn our language. Is he really the best choice for Primogen of this beautiful and polite clan?
  • There is no stoping insults of this kindred to his clan! He wants to become Primogen of this beautiful clan just to give its territories to clan Nosferatu and Malkavian. And no other clan than Nosferatu!!! His words about hate and need to wipe out his clan still hurt in hearts of his clanmates. What is happening whit this clan? Are Toreadors in Zagreb coming to an end?
  • Recently had a great privilege to accompany Prince to Budapest in his diplomatic mission, and yet he has insulted Nosferatu Primogen just days before that. And was heard bragging how he has more important things to do with his time then to spend it on Camarilla business.
  • I wonder if he is going to personally thank Gretel for his new herd?