Vital statistics
Position N/A
Clan Nosferatu
Age  ??
Status Neonate
Physical attributes
Height 180
Weight 55

In-game knowledge Edit

  • appeared on one of the Elysiums in February, with the rest of her clan
  • this newcomer is not actually new; she claims to have been in Zagreb for quite some time, but in torpor
  • when asked her name, she gave away her Nosferatu nickname, like most of her clan, not revealing her true identity
  • right from the beginning, she seems to be really connected with the rest of her clan, almost always being around someone of the Nosferatu
  • she remained adamant in not giving her blood to the Tremere for a blood test, claiming that they ask too much and are overstepping their boundaries
  • usually appears Obfuscated, but after some time, she showed her real colours and revealed her winning smile
  • along with the rest of her clan, she was a target for Tremere slander, being accused by Elder Wilhelm of being a spy for the Sabbat and a saboteur in the Camarilla, which started off the, so called, "cold war" of the Nosferatu against the Tremere, which has now been settled by none other than the Prince, with an order that the Tremere are to apologize to them publically (which they did, with an Elder on his knees - oh the shame... this kindred couldn't stop smirking at that moment... or was it just her usual facial expression?)
  • her idea of Elysium outfits are ballerina tutus and rich skirts, posing questions about her actual background
  • her date for the Grand Elysium was Baldassare Giovanni, and she can sometimes be seen talking to him in some corner of the Elysium
  • on the Grand Elysium in the museum she appeared a bit distressed and obsessed with the old cars
  • this kindred always seems to be looking around her and behind ber back... possibly she is afraid of being watched of followed?
  • has recently been in one of the battles against the Sabbat, but when asked details about it, she remained silent about it, retorting that anyone who is curious about the battles should participate in them themselves and prove to be of some use to the Camarilla
  • usually seen on the Elysiums just being there, listening, observing, and very possibly reporting back to her clan everything that is happening; rarely does she take the spotlight and leading role of a story - usually just offers one-liners as comebacks, or just remains calm, smirks, and remembers...

The Harpy Rumors Edit

Fresh hearsayEdit

  • She is haunted by a Ghost. And although Prince and Seneschal told her that the matter must be resolved over two months ago, she had to gain warned status to start seriously addressing it!